Friday, February 10, 2012

Cornstarch Goop

 1 Cup of Water + 1/2 Cup of Cornstarch + Couple Drops of Food Coloring =
If you have never made this concoction with your it! It is the strangest feeling mixture! Not quite solid...not quite liquid. The kids had a blast with it and so did we! We think it would be hilarious to buy cornstarch in bulk and make a HUGE batch of it, in a small child's swimming pool, during the summer. Then the kids could go crazy in it that my table, chairs, floors and bathroom sink aren't covered in pink goop!

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DizzyMamma said...

My eldest daughters daycare used to do that. It was a nursery and had about 10 or 12 babies (6 to 18 months or so) in the same room.

They would make a huge batch, strip the kids down to their diapers, and put them in a pool of the stuff. The pictures were hilarious, or course it was everywhere, the kids were eating it, it was in hair, in diapers, in ears etc.... and the kids loved it!

I keep meaning to make some for my youngest to enjoy while she's still little (though I'm sure my big girl would adore it too!)