Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Was Reminded

I've put in roughly 80 hours in the last week between class time, clinicals and commuting; it's been exhausting! If it weren't for my good friend Michelle, I would  have lost my mind, at times. Having her there, by my side through it all, made it bearable. I knew most everything that was brought up in class, however I was reminded of so many things.

I was reminded how germy our hands are and that we should be washing them. About every other second. Goodness are our hands filthy! (And did you know that it's cleaner to lick an armpit than french kiss someone???)

I was reminded that the medical field was MADE for me and it really is my passion. I absorb anything medically related the way a sponge absorbs moisture. I love love love it!!

I was also reminded to be thankful. Thankful every single day that I can walk. That I can talk. That I can feed myself. Dress myself.

I was reminded to be thankful that I can handle such private matters as going to the bathroom and showering, alone...minus my children's fingers wagging under the door.

I was reminded to be thankful that I can swallow and breathe...without thought, effort or pain.

I was almost pooped on. I was almost hit. I was spit on...twice. I got soaked during showers. I got my toes ran over by wheelchairs. I got thanked profusely by people thankful that I was taking time out of my day to help them. I got to help people eat, who couldn't feed themselves. I got to help dress people who couldn't do it otherwise. I got to listen to people who just wanted someone to hear them. I got to see pictures of my residents with their loved ones, from days long passed. Their wedding days...the days their babies were born...the days their grandchildren were born...the day their great-grandchildren came to visit. I got to see how other resident's lives changed in an instant because of accidents. They were living my life; married with children and a future...only to have it taken away.

In a matter of hours, I fell in love with a couple of my residents. The man who almost hit me and spit on me? I understood his anger and I took him under my wing the rest of the day. He rewarded me with a semi-smile and by looking into my eyes...the only way he could communicate. The resident that wouldn't eat? She just wanted me to sit and talk with her...which distracted her enough so I could feed her a big bowl of cream of wheat.

 Overall, I was reminded that life is short. Life is precious. We will all be older one day and we shouldn't take one single day for granted. We are all a text message away from a head on, that could take away our ability to walk, talk, or even function like the adults we are now.

My friends, live your life. Live it today. Live it for you. Live to make yourself happy and live to make life better for those around you. One day, far too as you know it will cease to exist. Don't give yourself the chance to look back on your life and have it be filled with regret.


Ashley Eccles said...

I love it! I love my residents as well. Nursing is such a satisfying job! It really makes you thankful for what you do have and what you can do on a daily bases. :)

Lacey Sue said...

Amazing. Truthful, sad, poignant, heart wrenching, but truthful! Thank you for doing and being something I was NOT made to do or be. I am thankful for nurses worldwide that do what others can not.