Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Three Little Words = Big Achievement

My six year old has hit a milestone that most two year olds have already achieved. It's not a milestone that most parents stress fact I didn't stress over it, either. We've dealt with so much with this child, that it was low on my priority list. While it's not something typically worried about, it is a milestone that parents rejoice over.

For the first time ever in her life, my daughter is saying, "I love you" to us...without us saying it first. In fact, it's usually paired with a huge bear hug...something else that she has never really willing gave in the past. She would allow you to hug her, but rarely did she reciprocate it.

I'm not under the illusion that things are 100% better with her. She is still prone to unexplained bouts of anger. She still says mean things, that make us cringe. She is still incredibly headstrong and can be difficult to motivate to carry out her tasks. She still has "temper tantrums" that make me want to cry in frustration.


...she loves me.

I would do anything in the world, for that bright-eyed, freckled-face little girl. Especially when she has her arms wrapped around me, in a tight embrace, telling me that I'm doing something right.

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Lacey Sue said...

HURRAH for "I love you" 's all the other stuff doesn't matter- as long as you love her, and she loves you! So excited for this milestone to be reached!