Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I have so many, many things to be thankful  for, this year. While life gets overwhelming at times and I have moments where I forget how blessed I am, I'm thankful  that we have this time of year, to bring these blessings to mind.

~ I'm thankful  for my husband and the patience and love in which he handles our home. ~ I'm thankful  for my beautiful Bailey, who trusts me enough to ask me questions when she doesn't understand something. ~ I'm thankful  for Ryleigh, who is mature beyond her years, but still loves to cuddle with me. ~ I'm thankful  for Avery, who teaches me patience every day and for her bright smile. ~ I'm thankful  for Luke, who always makes me laugh and impresses me with his inventions. ~ I'm thankful  for Presley, who's tender demeanor and tiny voice always melts my heart. ~ I'm thankful  for our safe and loving home. ~ I'm thankful  for friends who love me, despite my faults. ~ I'm thankful  for the many roles our families play in our lives. ~ I'm thankful  for the memories I have, of loved ones who have passed on. ~ I'm thankful  for my job, that allows me to work it around my life and not vice versa. ~ I'm thankful  for the determination and support to have achieved my first college degree this year. ~ I'm thankful  for my faith. ~ I'm thankful  for my healthy body. It may not be as pretty or as tiny as it used to be, but it is serving me well. ~ I'm thankful  for the self-confidence to stand up for myself and walk away from bad situations. ~ I'm thankful  for my senses. They allow me to see my children grow up, hear their laughter, feel their hugs, smell the flowers they give me and taste the brownies they surprise me with. ~ I'm thankful  that I still have my grandparents in my life, even if it is from across the country. ~ I'm thankful  for my blog and the memories it holds. ~  I'm thankful  that I live in a free country, where I am able to pursue my life, liberty and happiness.  ~ I'm thankful  for today. Tomorrow isn't if tomorrow doesn't come, know that I'm thankful  I had today. ~

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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