Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Music To My Ears

Their instructor, Liz, is amazingly wonderful with them.
If you are in this area and looking for a teacher, she is the one to call!

The girls have been taking piano for almost a year now and a couple weeks ago they had their first recital! I'm so proud of them for the practice they put in and how well they did! My house is constantly filled with music, whether they are practicing their new lessons or they are making up their own songs.

Bay has a real knack for hearing something and then picking out the tune on the piano. It amazes me! Ry doesn't hate piano, but I think she is merely tolerating it, to make me happy. She does really well, but that is just Ry. Throw anything at that kid and she will master it. Avery, shockingly, really loves it! She uses music to soothe herself sometimes, so I really like that she will know she is getting frustrated and will go to the piano or guitar.

I really like them having an activity outside of school and family time. It's important to me, that they have an outlet and are learning something, as well. Plus, I enjoy hearing them practice and seeing them master new songs!

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