Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Am Humbled

There is nothing so humbling as watching an 11 year old little girl...a little girl you have known since she was seconds old...hug her grandfather for the last time. I love this little girl. She is named after me, my oldest is named after her and she is in so many of my children's memories and pictures, it's like she is one of my own.

The world lost a great man today. My love, prayers and thoughts go out to his entire family, as they begin to find peace and comfort in his absence. He is no longer in pain and suffering and I know that his family understands this, through their loss. My children will miss their "Grandpa Dennis" and will hold dear all of the memories they have of him.

Muir Family

On our way home from saying good-bye, I listened to the children talk.

Bay: "He is in a better place now, Livi."
Livi: "I know. He'll be so happy to see his mom and dad and little brother. And he'll be with my other grandpas."
Bay: "You'll see him again, too."
Livi: "That will make me happy!"

Their understanding and acceptance, at their young ages, made me tear up.
They have the right attitude...it's not "good-bye", it's "see you later."

See you later, Grandpa Dennis. Watch over your family and comfort them in the coming days. <3

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