Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Peanut

I don't know where the last three years has gone. I don't know when my baby, that was only four and a half pounds when I brought her home, became this active, talkative, smart, beautiful, charismatic toddler. So much has changed in her world in the last three years and she continues to amaze me, every single day.

This little girl, who we were told would be delayed for a few years, is anything but. She quickly overcame her early birth and has continued to advance in every way possible. She has been one of our most healthy kids, though I'm sure being quarantined to the house for the first six months of her life helped with that. She is a dare-devil and loves to be active with her siblings and keep up with them. She knows her ABC's, can count to eleventeen (which comes after eighteen...) :) and will sing you any song you request of her. She has been fully potty-trained for over a year. She loves to dance and has a million tutus, leotards and cupcake dresses. (Any dress that flares out when she spins, she calls a "cupcake dress".

She loves Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves anything girly and is in absolute Heaven when her sisters paint her fingernails, do her hair or play any pretend games with her. She loves to color (sometimes on walls...) and write her name (the letter "P"). If you ask her what her name is, she will tell you, very adamantly that it is, "Peanut!"; don't try to convince her otherwise! She is very polite and always shares with her siblings.

Dear Peanut,
I love you, more than I can express. You were the perfect addition to our family and the most wonderful conclusion to a rough couple of years. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't remember the miracle that you were and continue to be. I hope this  next year is your most amazing yet! I know how excited you are to start preschool and I can't wait to watch you learn and make new friends. Happy, happy, happy birthday, my beautiful girl. Your Daddy and I are so blessed to have you in our lives.
Love, Mommy

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