Saturday, November 5, 2011

~ Happy 3rd Birthday Carter ~

We have a strange coincidence in our family, when it comes to birthdays. One of our children was born the day before every single one of Josh's brothers. Bailey was born the day before her Uncle Cameron's birthday, Luke was born the day before his Uncle Jared's birthday and Presley was born the day before her Uncle Cody's birthday.

It seems only fitting then, that Carter would have been due, the day after his father's birthday. Would he have been born then? Probably not...I was notorious for premature deliveries. However, it is amazing to me that so many of my children have a birthday so close to Josh's siblings.

Additionally, Avery was born on Josh's cousin's birthday and my Aunt Suzanne's birthday. Strangely, Ryleigh was born the day after my only brother's birthday. Weird, huh?

Carter...I still think about you often. Nearly every day. You are my tiny angel waiting for me in Heaven. One day, I will have you in my arms, instead of just in my heart. Happy Birthday, My Little One.

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