Friday, October 7, 2011

I've Made My Choice

My week has been...meh. I could blame the chaos of my house, but that's my norm and isn't likely to go away. I could blame the three migraines I've had this week, but, sadly, that also seems to be my norm from time to time, so I've got to just deal with it. I could blame the stress of work, that is super busy right now, or school that has me waist deep in assignments and tests, or how Old Man Winter just suddenly showed up, kicking Autumn out, before she had a chance to say much of a "Hello", but what good would it do?

Honestly, it's been my attitude. I can't change much of my life. Not overnight, anyway. I've got to deal with what I have on my plate right now and realize that everything causing me stress is in my life because of a choice I made to have it be there and if it is's because I want it there. (Well, except for the migraines, but it could always be worse, right?)

All I can do, is change my attitude, vent to the right friends who always seem to have the right words of advice and encouragement and plug on. This is life. I better start enjoying it. Rumor doesn't last forever.

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