Sunday, October 9, 2011

Changes For Avery

Her hair was braided before. It's not that wavy. :)
One part of Avery's sensory issues is her hair. Washing her hair, combing her hair, styling her hair is all very traumatic for her. Why? I have no just is. However, even though she would end up crying and screaming every morning, I could not convince her to cut her hair, until yesterday.

She decided on a cute, little A-line cut and looks absolutely adorable! The stylist didn't really style her hair, so I can't wait to round brush it out and see just how cute it really is. I was sad to see her long hair go, because she had the longest out of all the girls, but I'm excited to have less stressful mornings for her. Anything that helps make her more comfortable!  

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Brittney said...

So cute!!! I did not realize her hair was that long before!!