Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Charter School

Josh and I had discussed placing the children in the local charter school several times, before we actually applied. I had no idea that we would get called so quickly, however, once we actually filled out the intent to enroll!

Deciding to pull them out of public school, when we were already three weeks into school, was not an easy decision. I felt horrible, making them start over and make new friends...however, I felt that it was the best choice for them. I knew that it would benefit each of the children, in different ways. When we went on the tour and saw how the school was ran and got a feeling for the school, we knew that we were making the right decision.

Little did I know, how hard it would be to find their uniforms! However, after some searching...and searching...and searching...and a $130 speeding ticket later...I found a few. I'll have to work on getting more for them, but they have enough to start out with. I LOVE uniforms and it has made it so much easier to get them ready in the morning!

Driving them to and from school has taken away a chunk of my day. That part is hard on my already demanding and tight schedule, but I'm finding ways to make it work. The extra homework that I'm needing to help with on a daily basis has also been a bit of a challenge for me. However, sacrifices must be made, in order for the kids to have the education that we want them to, right?

Pictures from their "second" First Day Of School...

I don't know...they all wanted to pose on the skateboard...

Ry had a friend already going to the charter school and they planned their outfit to match, right down to the ponytails...

I promise...she dressed herself.

I have no idea what Bay is doing...

I was most worried about this one starting at a new school...but she's rocked it!

I love these little munchkins!
They are now beginning their second full week at the new school and have adapted quite well. Bailey tested into a 6th grade math class and is bringing home math that is stumping her father. Thank goodness I already took math in college, or I'd be at a loss... I'm so proud of her! Ry is at the top of her game in math and reading. No big shocker there, but I'm still proud, nonetheless. Luke is trying to get used to the stricter rules and can't be as rambunctious as he used to be allowed...but all in all he's doing well.

Avery...Avery has completely shocked me. Floored me. Flabbergasted me. If any one child has impressed me the would be her. The best way to explain it, would be to show you the reading level she tested at, in public school:

"Mat is at the well. What is his wish? I wish. I wish. I am a bat rat. See that. See me, Sam.
Meet Mat the Bat. I will wish at the well. See me, Mat the Bat. I am Sim. I am a bat rat.
Who is that? He is a bat rat. That is his wish."

Now, this is what she is expected to read and IS reading, at the charter school. She needs a little bit of guidance from time to time, however for the most part she is reading it fluently, on her own:

"Mesopotamia means "between two rivers." It is between the Tigris and Euprhrates rivers. Mesopotamia was on the continent of Asia in the place where Iraq is today. Mesopotamia was called the "cradle of civilization" because it was where civilization began. the first written story came from Mesopotamia. It was called "The Epic of Gilgamesh". Some of the first written laws and traditions came from Mesopotamia. The first written laws were called the Code of Hammurabi. Traditions are ideas and customs that are passed on to kids and grandkids."

I love that Avery's reading is tied in with another area of study. That way, these words aren't just memorized, but the vocabulary behind them is really brought to life for her.

All in all, the four of them are really happy. They are being challeged quite a bit more, but are doing well in all of their subjects. The uniforms took a while to get used to, but now they don't seem to mind them. They have all made new friends and seem to have fit in really well.

We know that we made the right decision, for us. :)


Lacey Sue said...

So happy it's working out for the kidlets!

Bonnie said...

My kids go to a charter school too, Leeann. :)
Your kids are adorable. I love that they all were standing on the skateboard! What fun memories.