Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You're Perfect, To Me

Enough paperwork to give me carpal tunnel, enough questions to make me crazy ( does my sex life play a role in all this..???) and two hours later...I survived, sans panic attack.

The Children's Center is a really beautiful place. I was impressed, from the moment I walked in and saw the wonderful artwork, sculptures and open areas. The staff, who was really pleasant and friendly, quickly put me at ease.

Thankfully, because I was a nervous wreck. (What? You didn't get that from my previous post, today?)

Well, at the end of it, I wasn't really surprised with any of her thoughts or comments. She is listing Avery as having a mood disorder not otherwise specified and sensory processing disorder. No big shocker, as we suspected both of these. Basically, Avery is unable to control her emotions and they can change rather quickly, without any known stimulus. The sensory aspect is the issue she has with loud noises and places that have a lot of background noise, such as the lunchtime cafeteria at school.

Our direction from here, leads me in two place. First, we are going to be meeting with a pediatric psychiatrist, that I can discuss Avery's sleeping patterns with. Avery cannot fall asleep without a small dose of melatonin, but even with that, she is only sleeping about seven hours a night. She is awakening at 3:30 am and never going back to sleep. That is not typical behavior for a six year old. If necessary, the psychiatrist may be able to prescribe something other than melatonin, that will assist her in finding a more normal, longer, sleep schedule.

Secondly, we will be meeting with an occupational therapist, that will help us learn what we can do to assist Avery in situations that overload her senses, causing her to become frustrated. I think this will be a huge help for her, as our only coping mechanism currently, is to provide earplugs for her.

The lack of sleep and her inability to filter out extra noise could be contributing greatly to the aggression that she exhibits. She doesn't know how else to deal with her emotions and as such, it displays as anger. It makes sense, if you think about it. I get overwhelmed when I don't get enough sleep and when my environment feels chaotic...and I'm 29 years old. A six year old is going to have a much harder time dealing with those situations, if she needs to learn a certain way to cope, that I haven't taught her.

So...forward we go. I have a feeling this is just the very beginning of a long road for us...but, it's a start. No matter what I have to do, I will do whatever it takes, to keep my beautiful girl smiling.

Pretty, pretty please...don't you ever, ever feel, like you're less than, less than perfect. You're perfect to me. <3


Jamie Richmond -James said...

I am so glad that you have a direction from here. :)

Aceneth Warner said...

You are an Amazing mom and you will keep her smiling..prayers for you and her.

Crystal said...

Sounds like you have a good plan worked out. I'm so glad things went well.

P.S. Katie Mangus is the Occupational Therapist that works upstairs at the Childrens Center (she actually works for Easter Seals though) and she specializes in SPD. We are just waiting for them to get their new billing process figured out with my insurance and we will start therapy with her. We've had an eval already and she was wonderful.

Leeann said...

Crystal, that's who we have been referred to. I have to call tomorrow to set up her appointment. It'll be interesting to see what is suggested to the both of us.
Thanks for your help with this. Go ahead...give that knowing smile now.

Mel said...

Hugs to you for all of the stress. Appointments like this are never fun :(

Sounds like you and Avery traveling down a good path. Knowing what the problem is the first step to helping her deal with things! There are steps the school could take to accommodate her and limit the exposure to the chaos. When you go to your appoitment ask if she would be eligiable to an IEP or 504 plan at school. I finally got Caleb's after all these years! <3

Lacey Sue said...

So thankful things are starting to have answers- not only answers- but ways to find solutions. Avery is a tough girl, always has been- YOU are a tough mommy! So glad there is a direction to go, and a path to take. I pray you guys are directed where you need to go, and the right way to get there! Your all in my prayers- especially sweet Avers.

McKell Anderson said...

Been thinking of you. So happy to read your post and see that things went ok and you are feeling pretty well. One step closer. Sorry to hear of the lose of your family member. I am not sure what relation she was to you and I am so sorry you are so far away from them. <3