Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Might Be A Bad Mom

School is back in session for the little people. (Pictures to come!) In fact, I just dropped Luke off for his first day of kindergarten, a couple of hours ago.

As I scan Facebook and check out the cute pictures of all my friend's little ones returning to school, or heading off for the first time, I can't help but see an overwhelming theme...

...all my friends are crying. All their friends who comment...are crying, too.

Uhhh...*checks eyes*...CRAAAAP...not a tear to be found.

Now, before everyone attacks me...I'm in no way making fun of another Mom or belittling her feelings. Not. At. All.

I'm simply realizing that I don't feel like this. And I'm apparently in the minority.

I'm EXCITED for my kids to go to school. No, not just selfishly because my house will be quieter so that I can work and do my own homework. It's because they will be exposed to so many new and wonderful things! They absorb so much and are so passionate about everything they learn. They love school and I want to foster that and encourage it!

Of course, everything they are exposed to isn't something I would choose for them to experience. However, I don't see this as a negative thing. I embrace the opportunity to explain things to them and educate them. I like that they will come to me with any questions, knowing that I will calmly discuss it, without brushing them off or acting shocked, making them feel uncomfortable. (Not so easy, when your 5 year old comes home with a very specific question about sex on the second day of school. Yup. Been there. Try swallowing your bite of spaghetti at the dinner table and calmly responding to that one...)

So, I might be a bad Mom...but I'm not crying today.

Now, the day one of my daughters brings home a boy for the first time? I'm not promising anything...


Whitney said...

I'm probably one of the few who share your sentiments. I'm so excited for Everett to go to preschool that I've already researched and found him a fabulous school even though he can't go for an entire year. I love watching my kids grow to different stages. And I'm excited for them to grow more independent.

Stephanie said...

I am the same way. My kids are so excited to go to school and that makes me excited! So don't feel bad you are not alone!

Andrea said...

I shouldn't be surprised that we have yet another thing in common! I don't cry when my kids go off to school either; just am really excited for a new year of possibilities for them! I do get slightly nervous for them on the first day (especially little miss Malia as she has seemed to be a bit more apprehensive about school), but not at all sad!

Mel said...

I'm a dry eye mommy too and you are FAR from being a bad mom. Do I need to remind you of the red cape that flaps in the wind behind you?

I on the other hand walk my kids in mwah, mwah, have a good day. And excuse myself passed the parents who are still telling their children goodbye. As I open the doors for a second feel like I could pull off a cartwheel and land in splits. Then I feel its a little over the top and would look badly to the parents crying behind me!! <-- That and I remember I still have Onna holding my hand... lol