Friday, July 8, 2011

Pictures Overload 2.0!!

I love looking through the photos on my camera and remembering funny memories or moments that I had forgotten. Like the day that my sister brought over her snake, Dexter, to meet the kids...

Hey the necklace...

Luke in a choke hold

Bailey wasn't too sure about him, at all...

...meanwhile, I decided to taunt him. I'm a smart one, eh?

A friend of mine brought cookies over for the kids, so after I bribed them to help me clean up, they got their treat. As you can see, they were pretty darn happy about it!  (L to R: Peanut, Luke, Ry, Bay and Avery)

I was working one day, when I heard running and shouts of "MUD!!" coming from outside. Luke, Presley and two neighbor children sure had a good time, before I caught them!
My kids never fail to make me laugh. Oh, they make me scream, too...but goodness, do they make me laugh. <3

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