Thursday, July 7, 2011

Picture Overload!!

My grandparents commented recently that my children are growing up so fast, that it is hard to keep track of who is who, in photos. (They live out of state and sadly, we haven't seen them in a few years.) Don't feel bad, Meme and Pepe, even people that see the kids in person, still mix up the older three girls from time to time. ;)

I finally cleared some pictures off my camera and have a few of my favorites to share!

Mr. Luke on his graduation day, from preschool.

Luke and cute!

Bailey and Presley at Luke's graduation program. It shocks me, when I see pictures, how big Bailey is getting!

Luke striking his "Mr. CEO" pose. :)

Awww...he looks like a little public speaker in this photo!!

Maybe he'll run for president? He looks like he's waving on the campaign float...

Bailey and Ryleigh on one of their last days of school.

Ryleigh's birthday cake. She wanted a butterfly, because her nursery theme was in butterflies, when she was a baby.

My big girl! We still need to have her big birthday party, after her baptism, but we did a small family party, the night of her birthday.

Well, that catches up some of my photos. Stay tuned tomorrow for some more picture fun! :)

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