Thursday, July 7, 2011

1,000th post? Really???

I'm coming up on my 1,000th post soon.

Wow. Who knew I had so much to say??? Or...that people would keep reading, that long...?

When I was approaching my 300th post, I did a fun thing, where I allowed my readers to ask me any questions they would like, and then I answered them, as my 300th post.

I'd like to do that again! So, here's your chance...what do you want to know? Have a favorite post, that you want to know more about? Always wondered what kind of toothpaste I use? ;) Ask me as many questions as you'd like and I will post my answers as my 1,000th post!

Let's see how creative my readers can be...I love a challenge! :)


Amy said...

I love your blog - I started reading in 2009. My question is about running. How did you start? What was your plan?

Amy said...

I just love your blog and how honest you are... I have really enjoyed getting to know you the past couple years through your blog. I want to know if you always planned on having 5 kids? or did it just happen that way?

Hillary Mondragon said...

What has been your most rewarding mommy moment, and your most frustrating?

Michele B. said...

Coming from a momma with all girls and you having four girls but you have one son.... Is your bond with your son different than with your girls? I know the love is all the same but how is your bond with your son different than with your daughters?... :)