Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1,000 Post!!...And Still Going Strong...

Well, I didn't end up with a lot of questions, but I sure did end up thought provoking ones! Thanks to everyone that participated!

Amy, over at STAT asked: "My question is about running. How did you start? What was your plan?". Well, I started a lot of times, over many years. I've always wanted to be a runner...but I suck at it. Even now. :) It's a struggle for me and I've always ended up quitting after a couple weeks. I'm not a natural runner. I can't just jump off the couch and run 5 miles, like my husband can. I have to fight for every new distance that I add. Last year I ran in an all women's 6K race (by "ran", I mean that I walk/jogged the distance). When I looked up the race again this year, I looked at the 10K division and thought, "Hmm...I want to RUN that." I had just finished spring semester and was looking at a summer off school, so I had a little bit of "spare" time. I found a couch to 10K program here and found a willing friend to be my daily running buddy. Having that goal to work towards is important for me. I can't just run, to run. I need to have something I'm working for. So far, I'm 8 weeks into the program and running 5K distances now...something I've never been able to do in the past without having to take walk breaks. I really hope to one day complete a half marathon!

Another friend Amy (private blog) asked: "I want to know if you always planned on having 5 kids? Or did it just happen that way?". I came into this marriage wanting three kids. Josh wanted six. Well... :) With every baby, he somehow talked me into another baby. If it wasn't for miscarrying Carter and Peanut being born at 33 weeks, perhaps we would have had all six. However, the way life played out, it was evident that my body was done and a sixth baby on earth, was not meant to be. :)

Hillary at Mondragon Mayhem asked: "What has been your most rewarding mommy moment, and your most frustrating?". It's hard to pick out one defining moment, in them all. I would say that any time that I've seen my children succeed, has been rewarding. Whether that has been as big as learning to write their name, potty train or ride a bike for the first time, or as personal as seeing them overcome a particular individual struggle. Of course, a specific favorite, across the board with all the children, was the first time each of them said, "I love you", without being prompted. Likewise, my most frustrating moment is hard to single out. It usually comes down to the same scenario of me realizing that I won't always have all the answers and I can't always protect them from the pain of the world. It's frustrating as a Mommy to not know how to fix everything or stop all the hurt. I'm supposed the be the superhero that shields them from the weight of the world; it's humbling when I realize that I can't always do that.

Michele at Name Brand Mom In Generic Jeans asked: "Is your bond with your son different than with your girls? I know the love is all the same but how is your bond with your son different than with your daughters?". I pondered this one, a lot. I really thought I would say yes...but...no, it's not. Perhaps it's because they are all still so young? As he gets older and approaches teenagerhood (I'm coining that as a new word), then the bond will change a bit. However, right now, I can't really think of any way that it is different. I know when he was a newborn, I remember it feeling different...but now that he is sandwiched between girls and we all do pretty much the same activities and he's a part of the same conversations, I'd say the bond is too similar to dissect. Huh. I'm kinda shocked at my answer on this one. 

Well, that's it. Thank you to all my readers...however often you happen to stop by MY little world. :)


Lacey Sue said...

Awesome! Congrats on 1,000 posts!!!! :)

Andrea said...

BOO!! How did I miss the "Ask me a question" post?? You know I would've participated!!

Happy 1000th!! Mine will be approaching sometime this year too...so exciting!