Saturday, June 4, 2011

Overcoming Myself

Well, let's recap, shall we?

I'm almost done with week three of my ten week training for the 10K and I'm feeling amazing. I'm achieving things that I never have before and it's making me completely rethink my capabilities. I have this photo as my background on my laptop, so that I have to see it every day. It is a constant reminder that a lot of the limitations I think I have, are only in my mind.

My training partner and I are running two miles straight now, with no walk breaks. We have taken to hitting the pavement, not the track, so we are dealing with a little bit of incline and varying terrain, as well. As someone who has only ever run two miles straight once in her life...on a treadmill, in an air conditioned gym...this is an amazing accomplishment! I have finished many 5K's in my life, but never without walk breaks. I'm excited that I will be able to complete this year's 4th of July 5K by running the entire thing.

More importantly than the miles, is the fact that every single day, I am overcoming myself. There have been days when I have been nauseated from nerves, all day, anticipating that I will fail that day's goal. However, *knock on wood*, I have yet to ever "fail" to reach the goal set for each day. Some days have been harder than others and there have been days that I have had to really dig deep to finish...but, I did.

That alone, has amazed me. I have never before been able to stifle the voice in my head trying desperately to convince me that I can't do this. Three weeks ago I struggled to run one lap around the track and didn't know how I'd ever run two miles. Now, I'm running two miles and I don't know if I can run six miles...but I know I will!

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