Sunday, June 19, 2011

Explaining It To The Kids

I sat down with Bailey and Ryleigh today and explained a few things to them, today. They were beginning to notice that Josh and I are treating Avery a little differently and I didn’t want them to start thinking that we favored her, in some way.

I began, by explaining to them that what I told them was to remain between us. I love my children…and their want to share everything with everyone. However, I don’t need them attempting to relay information to the neighborhood kids, the neighborhood kids hearing what they want, instead of what is said and then Avery being treated differently. Then I explained that we recently took Avery to the doctor and found out that her brain works a little differently than theirs does. She is unable to process emotions, like when she is angry or sad or frustrated, the same way that they do. I told them that she becomes over stimulated and cannot process all the extra noise, so it agitates her. I told them that we will be taking her to a therapist over the next few months to discuss how to help her, but in the meantime, they will see Daddy and I and anyone else who interacts with her, treat her a little differently. We may explain things differently and we may implement some alone time for her, to calm her down, if we see it becoming necessary.

Bailey offered to give Avery her bedroom (she currently shares with Luke, because those two have always been two peas in a pod), so that she had have a room all to herself. This would allow her to have an area where she can shut out the noise of the house and re-center.

Bay knows this isn't a permanent solution, but it would help for right now, while we start down the path of finding some other coping skills. She has since completely taken over and switched out the rooms, with Ry's help.

My children may fight. They may drive me insane. They may frustrate me to the point of tears...

...but they also come together, in the blink of an eye and show me how much they love each other. That means the world to me. <3


SGSchafer said...

Oh, Leeann. Bay's sweetness made me teary! What a love! Lots of love and prayers to you all while you get through this. <3

Candygirlflies said...

Sweetie. ((((HUG))))

Andrea said...

Wow. Just goes to show what amazing parents you and Josh are to have a reaction like that from a young daughter.