Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"You Should Get A Real Job"

I'll never forget the day that one of my kids told me that I should get a real job. "You should get a real job", they said. "But, I have a real job!", I proclaimed, a bit shocked. "No, like one at Walmart.", was their response.


Apparently when I spend all those hours on the computer, they assume that I'm playing games, like they do. They don't understand that I'm clocked in 4-10 hours a day, depending on the day, working my real job.

Sometimes I feel like a lot of people forget that I work a real job. Yes, it's flexible. Yes, I can make my own hours. However, sometimes that bites me in the butt, because I end up procrastinating it until the late hours of the night, or the wee hours of the morning. But, when it comes down to it, it is still a responsibility that I have, just like every other person that leaves their home and drives to their office.

Except, I don't get to leave...and I have to play Mommy and housewife, at the same time. Because my "office" is usually my living room couch, people forget that I work a full time job and treat me like I'm "just" a stay at home mom. You know, one of those lucky women who get to just loaf around and watch soap operas all day... ;) I think it gets forgotten that while I'm working my full-time job, I'm also simultaneously working my full-time mommy job and juggling my part-time student responsibilities, too. I never get to focus on one obligation at a time and the concept of "leaving work, at work" is completely foreign to me.

I'm not complaining...truly, I'm not. I chose this life and there are many, many, MANY good things to say about working from home. I only wish that people wouldn't ignore the balls that I'm juggling...making it harder for me keep up.


Crystal said...

You just described my life. 40+ hrs a week at a real job, being the primary care giver of 3 kids 6mos- 5 1/2 yrs old, driving carpool every day, watching the neighbor kid 4 days a week, teaching primary at church and being the coordinator for all of Noah's therapy appointments. Life is insane. I was thrilled that I got a very rushed 5 min shower today since it had been a while. Even if I did have to have a phone conversation with my boss while I got dressed. What he doesn't know won't hurt him.

I'm glad you understand. Here is to hoping we both get a break sometime soon.

Whitney said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! That is all I have to say... and that I hope to one day be able to juggle as well as you!

Leeann said...

I just got put in my place. Yep. Cause no matter how hard I have it...someone always has it harder.
Thanks for reminding me, my friend. I don't know how you do it, Crys.

Crystal said...

I wasn't trying to one up you silly. I was relating. *I* have no idea how *you* do it.

Although, I am jealous you are with the girls right now while I'm stuck home caring for a sick husband and two sick kids and still working.

Okay... so I tried to one up you just then. ;)

Brent Worth said...

I am in awe of women who can do things like the two of you. I only have a husband and the days he is sick and cranky make me wonder about wanting to ever sleep in the same bed as him as he might touch my arm and God might decide I have an imaculate conception...

Women who work from the home and out of the home and take care of their families are right up there with military, police officers and fire fighters in my opinon... you're hero's.