Saturday, May 7, 2011

Susan G. Komen 2011

It was a beautiful day for a race. A beautiful day for thousands and thousands of people to come together for one cause...supporting those who have been affected by breast cancer.

I had a surprisingly hard time with the 5K this year. Not the actual physical part, that was easy...but emotionally, I was a wreck. I looked at the sea of survivor shirts and I was so happy for their families, but then shocked at the resentment that I felt, because Mom wasn't there. The most important survivor shirt was missing and it broke my heart. Standing at the starting line, waiting for the race to start and seeing so many woman with bald heads and scarves, the tears started. Thank goodness for the huge sunglasses, or I might have looked silly! ;)

I finished the 5K alone, having lost all my people in the crowd and as I finished, I cried, with my hand over my heart and a whisper of "I love you, Mom". I know she was there...but, not in the way I wanted her to be.

Team Celebrating Mom 2011
Me and my friend, Bek

Ace, Me and Michele, friends from school

My back. I love weaving through the crowd and knowing people are seeing Mom's beautiful face.

Brittney, Me and Cody - We all miss our Mom, very much. <3
Thank you so much to everyone who supported our team. Whether you were with me today, donated money to our fundraising goal or simply let me know that you were thinking of me, it really meant a lot. <3

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Lacey Sue said...

I was honored to walk two years with Pat. My heart aches now that she is gone- but not really gone. She lives on vibrantly through her kids- her grandkids- through your memories and your love. She is there, around you, everyday. God has given her a new job. Where she was once wife, mother and grandmother. She is now Guardian Angel to you all. I know with all of my heart, she is there, right now, with you. Good job O'Doyle, you make her very proud!