Thursday, May 12, 2011

One Week

In one week, it will have been two years since Mom passed away.

One week.

Two years ago, today, we didn't even have a clue that it was this close. Sure, she was tired. Sure, she didn't feel good. But, we didn't get any of the warning signs, like we did with Jared. She didn't slip into a semi-conscious state until a few hours before. Hospice didn't give us a "she only has a couple days" warning. She was still going out. She was still eating. She was still laughing and talking and mentally aware.

Which is why it felt like a damn rug was pulled out from under us, that morning that she woke up, not right. Which is why it felt like no matter how much we'd seen her go through and seen her decline over the last couple years, we still were shocked. Which is why we all felt completely unprepared and caught off guard.

One week.

What will my life be like, one week from today? How much will change? Will it be so very little, that I don't even notice? Or could my whole world turn upside down, forever changing me?

I'm taking this moment to be grateful, for everyone in my life and everything I have. Heaven knows, it all can change in an instant.

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