Monday, May 23, 2011

Luke's Birthday Party

This year, we combined Luke's 5th birthday with Gail's daughter, Rori's 1st birthday, at the local park. The kids had a blast playing on all the toys, the pavilion made it easy and nice to serve everyone dinner and the baseball diamond got a lot of use.

I love hearing the sound of kids giggling and there was no shortage of that, Saturday evening. There was a ton of yummy food and Gail made Rori the cutest butterfly cupcakes. I'm so thankful to everyone that made time to come out and celebrate our wonderful kid's birthdays.

The birthday Mommies. Cutest Mommies I've ever seen... ;)
Rori was VERY upset to have her Barbie taken away!

My big, Little Man, and his dirt cake.

Such a ham!

When he thinks back to his childhood, these are the memories I want him to remember. <3

All the monsters at the party. I love these kiddos!

Five years old? I'm not sure where the time has gone, but I've loved watching Luke grow into such an adorable little boy. If he becomes half the man that his father is, I'll be proud of the job that I've done, as his mother. :)

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Whitney said...

Yay for little Thor!!! :0 Happy birthday, Luke!!!