Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well...It Could Have Been Worse...

Funny that I would bring up the flood, in my last post. You know...THE flood. Remember the Flood of January '10? 

Well, as we were getting ready to leave for a walk the same night as that post, my friend exclaims, "WHY is your ceiling leaking???" I shrieked out a few choice words, mixed with, "Not again!! NOT AGAIN!!", as I went tearing up the stairs to our second floor bathroom. Sure enough...the toilet was clogged and there was a good 2 inches of water on the floor. *sigh*

Last time, I knew that a child (*cough* Luke *cough*) had tried to flush an entire roll of toilet paper, causing the flood. This time, there was nothing indicating this and it was so easy to correct, that I think it was just a normal clog...that overflowed. *sigh*

The way our upstairs bathroom is designed, the heat vent is on the floor, right next to the toilet. So, the water has a very easy access route to the ceiling above our dining room. *sigh*

Well, we caught it earlier than last time, at least. There was no water pouring out of my chandelier this time, so I'm thankful for that. Now I just have to live with this destruction while it dries out and then Josh will repair the ceiling. Again. *sigh*

On the bright side of things...because this is now the second time that my living room rug has been flooded (when they poked the holes, the water came pouring out, on to my carpet), I have convinced the man that it needs to be torn up. Assuming Josh can work some overtime in the near future, I will finally have the hardwood floors I've wanted, on the main floor. *giggle*

Isn't this lovely? This is right under the bathroom. It was so wet, that it just gave way and WHOOOSH!, down came the water.

Pretty, right? Another water escape hole, along a seam.

Awesome holes, poked in my ceiling, to dry out all the sheetrock and beams. *sigh* could have been worse!


Lacey Sue said...

anyone fess up to doing the "plugging"?

Bethany said...

Oh no..we are dealing with leaking in the ceiling here too. So not fun!

Whitney said...

Sounds like you get what you deserve... hardwood floors!!!!

mickey said...

i don't know how you do it woman. u r soooooo patient. i love and miss you.