Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Don't Know When...

...but this teeny little baby grew up.

I've been watching it slowly happen. But, suddenly, she is a little girl...and no longer a baby.

When I put on her shoes, no longer are they the unscuffed, pretty shoes, of an unwalking baby. When I do the laundry, no longer do I sift out teeny, tiny baby socks or tiny baby clothes. When I do the dishes, no longer do I wash baby bottles or even sippy cups.

Our newest development?

No longer...after more than a decade...does our household have a child in diapers. That's right. Our Peanut is 100%, twenty-four hours a day, potty trained. Her little Dora-pantied bum runs all over the house...without an accident in sight.


I'm excited for these changes and to watch my children learn and grow. I just wish that they'd consult me, before they kept doing it so gosh darn fast...

1 comment:

Andrea said...

She's seriously potty-trained already?!?! Yikes!! WHERE on earth does the time go, for real???