Saturday, April 23, 2011

Embrace The Differences In Others

It's the same size.
It's the same shape.
It has the same physical composition, as it's peers.
It can live comfortably in the same world, as the others.
It just chooses to be a little bit different.  
It is an individual.
Regardless of the differences, it is still accepted as an egg.
Because, when it comes down to it...
...inside... still has the same heart of gold.

Embrace the differences in others.
Respect their choices to live differently.
 Be different. Think different.
Want different things for themselves.
For, when it comes down to it...
...we all just want to be happy.


Lacey Sue said...

amen...and happy Easter!

Andrea said...

That is such an awesome picture!! LOVE it!

McKell Anderson said...

Very nice post and the picture is perfect! <3