Tuesday, April 5, 2011

By My Side


Next week, I am going to be accepting my Associate's diploma and my greatest wish is that you could be there, in the audience, smiling and excited for me. I wish that you could give me a hug afterwards and tell me how proud you are of me. I wish that you could pose for pictures with the rest of us and stand next to me, with your arm around me.

Instead, I will have to be content with knowing that you will be by my side. I can take comfort in knowing that you won't miss my important day...you just won't be there in the way that I want you to be. I'm hoping that you send me a rainbow, to let me know that you are there. I still strive to make you proud, Mom. Every. Single. Day.

Love, Me

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Aceneth Warner said...

Dang you Leeann, you made me cry!! I am sure she is very proud of you. I truly believe that.