Friday, March 25, 2011

Where Does The Time Go?

Peanut is almost two and a half years old. Where does the time go? 

Just yesterday, she would snuggle into me, breathe a sigh of relief and fall asleep. Today, she's running down the driveway, after her sisters, yelling, "Bye Mom! I'm going to play!"

Just yesterday, she was content to sit in a swing and observe the world around her, at a slow pace. Today, she scales the rock wall and slides down the biggest, scariest slides, as I try not to cringe.

Just yesterday, she was afraid of the water and would cry if you put her near it. Today, she loves her bubble baths...takes 2 or 3 a day, if I let her...and practices swimming in the garden tub.

Just yesterday, I would dress her in the cutest, matching outfits. Today, she is an independent toddler, who wants to dress herself. Usually that outfit consists of a patterned shirt, leggings that end up on her inside out and backwards...and a pair of shorts over it, that in no way match the shirt. However, she also manages socks and shoes (most of the time, on the right feet!)

Just yesterday, Presley was my little Peanut. 

No matter how big she gets, how much she talk,  how fast she runs or how independent she gets...she'll always be my little Peanut. <3

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Aceneth Warner said...

she is adorable, can I come hold her? :)