Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Real Man

Real men don't hurt children. They don't punch them. Kick them. Throw them down on the ground. Shake them. Call them names...including retard or stupid. Touch them inappropriately. Put them down. Make them cry. Make them feel like...nothing.

Real men support their wives goals and dreams. They help her pursue her happiness and comfort her when times get tough. They never berate her. They never harm her. They treat her with respect.

Real men work hard and are responsible. They support their families and always put their children's needs, before their own wants.

Real men love their kids. They read one more bedtime story, even though they are exhausted. The give one more horsey ride, even though their back hurts. They kiss owies and apply band-aids...even when they are usually imaginary. They carry sleeping kids to bed and tuck them in, even when they know the child is faking. They encourage them to try and never doubt that they will succeed.

Josh, the world needs more MEN, like you.

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Brittney said...

I feel like I am pretty lucky to have found someone like that, someone that took on 2 step sons and treats them like his own and would never hurt them. Yes there needs to be more men like them, I have to agree.