Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Daughters' Daddy

When Josh was younger and envisioned becoming a father, I'm sure he imagined all the things he would do with his sons. Camping trips. Hunting trips. Sports. Playing catch. Tinkering around in the garage.

While we still do a lot of those things as a family and he still introduces a lot of his "boy stuff" to the girls...I'm sure he didn't picture his life out numbered by little girls. As soon as Luke is old enough to handle long hunting trips, I'm sure that he and Josh will be disappearing into the woods, to escape the estrogen imbalance in our house.

What I love, is catching glimpses of the Dad that he is, despite not having the house full of boys that we assumed we'd end up with. I married a man that will let his daughters paint his fingernails, do his hair and put lip gloss on him. I married a man that still hasn't mastered the art of a pony tail, but he's figured out complicated Barbie clothes. I married a man who will sit on the floor and play at their level, even if it's not an activity that he would choose to be doing.

I love that I married a man that is so involved in his children's lives. I love that he puts them first, above all other things. It's important to him, that they know how much they are loved and how proud he is, of them.

I love that I married a man, who sometimes, under his work boots and sporting a big toe covered in purple fingernail polish. :)


Brent Worth said...

What lucky kids to have such a great daddy!

Lacey Sue said...

Josh is amazing, I've always thought that. He is truly amazing! You and your kiddos are lucky!

Sharon said...

This made me cry. I shouldn't be surprised, since many of your posts bring tears to my eyes. But this one hit home for me. My husband is the father of two daughters and no sons (so far) and he is the same way. What wonderful wonderful men we picked for ourselves! :)