Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kidney, Anyone?

I'm a huge advocate for organ donation, due to an AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL friend in my life, who has benefited personally from it. (Not a registered organ donor yet? Go here and fix that. Come back and finish reading this, after you're done. Don't worry...I'll wait.)

You done?

Okay...where was I?

Oh...I'm a huge advocate for organ donation...however, if my kids keep getting sick, I'm going to have to start selling them, (My organs. Not the kids. Although...) in order to afford their medication.

Kidney For Sale!! Any takers??


Want to see what $226 looks like?

I can't blame them entirely. I also have strep and bronchitis, so some of that is mine. However, my meds didn't cost near what theirs did! Bay, Avery and Luke have strep. Peanut has an ear infection. Ryleigh has strep and an ear infection. Oy vey.

Needless to's been a fun few days around here. *cough cough cough*


Lacey Sue said...

It's been a rough winter for your family with the bugs going around! Rough!

Crystal said...

I love you.