Friday, March 4, 2011

Good Morning, Bloggy World!

Wow. It is a B-E-A-UTIFUL morning!!

It's amazing how wonderful a person feels after a SIX day migraine finally lets go!!

I haven't had such a persistent migraine, in many months. My Topamax has been doing a pretty good job of keeping them away, for the most part. Then...last Saturday came and with it...a migraine. No matter what I took or tried, I couldn't get rid of it! It's been a hellish week, to say the least.

On top of it, when Josh went to refill my Midrin prescription (when paired with Aleve, Midrin actually gives me about an hour of no pain, with minimal side effects), they informed him that the manufacturer is no longer making this drug and I'm SOL. Fantastic. I wanted to cry. How dare they take away the one medication that gave me even the smallest relief?

So, my neurologist has put me on Fioricet, which is an acetaminophen, butalbital and caffeine combo pill. Whoa. Yeah, it came with the warning that I'm not allowed to take it more than once a week, it's highly addictive and it will cause rebound headaches.'re giving me a pill to fix my head pain...that will cause head pain. Yup. Makes total sense to me... *dazed and confused look*

However, I took it yesterday...and it worked!! It made me incredibly loopy. There is no way that I could ever take it without Josh being home. It also made me vomit and very nauseated. The rebound headache was controlled a few hours later with an Ultracet, which also made me nauseated. Thankfully, due to years of dealing with morning sickness, I remembered that sucking on peppermint candy helps, and I was able to deal with it.

This morning I woke up with just a headache, I assumed due to the fact that I've barely eaten anything in the last week. After a breakfast of scrambled egg whites (that I didn't vomit back up!!), I'm feeling relatively normal. It's an amazing feeling, after a week of feeling like an army of small people were trying to dig their way out of my brain, through my eyeballs.

So...Happy Friday!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! I know I will! :)


Lacey Sue said...

Fabulous!!! Glad your returning to the regularly scheduled program babes ;)! I too have been suffering from migraines and re-curring headaches the past month (I blame hormones for mine) I feel your pain (in a tiny small way) and am glad your feeling eat something ;)!

Andrea said...

Sheesh! That sounds like a killer week! Happy that you feel relatively normal today...SO happy!!!

The Dixie Millers said...

Dammit, I wish they would figure out how to keep you from getting these stupid headaches!!! I hate hearing that you feel so crappy, I get migraines, but never had one that lasts weeks at at time. We love you and are glad that you have someone there to take care of you!!

Erin said...

I feel your pain. I get headaches & migraines too. No fun. I take Fiorcet for mine, but was never told I could only take once a week. Maybe if it helps, talk to your doc about it.
Here's to hoping for a headache free weekend!