Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life Is Hard

Sit down. It's time for a serious talk. You ready?

Life is hard.

What? You already knew that?


So, if we are all aware that life is hard...why in the we make it harder? Why are we content with pushing other people down, tearing other people apart and making other people's lives miserable?

Life already throws at us, some shabby situations. Financial issues. Car trouble. The flu. Broken bones. Stitches. Unexpected bills. Unexpected household floods, due to a mischievous little boy. Ahem.

Then, on top of it, there are more serious hardships that get thrown at us, that we can't control. Like watching your six week old child almost die. Over and over. Like a recurrent cancer diagnosis. Like watching your little brother suffer for months...and finally let go. Like miscarrying a baby, you prayed so hard for. Like the day you realize that nothing else can be done...and knowing you'll have to watch your Mom die.

Life. Is. Hard.

Shouldn't we, as adults, be here to support one another through life? When did it ever become okay to hurt other people? To judge other people? To cause other people unnecessary pain?

I may not "approve" of every one's choices or decisions they have made in their life. But...when did it become my right or responsibility to "approve"? Instead, isn't it my obligation as a mature adult to accept people's choices, as their own?

I think that it comes down to the simple understanding that while people's life choices may not coincide with mine, if they do not affect my life, why would I bother worrying about them? There is a quote I love, that reflects this, perfectly: "I'm the one that has to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to."

Does this mean that I accept all choices? Well, no. Let me back track a minute. Will I ever accept the choices of a pedophile who preys on innocent, young children? No. May he burn forever in hell. Will I ever accept the choices of a man who hits a woman? Of course not.

It boils down to common sense. Are the choices that are being made, intentionally hurting someone else? If the answer is no...then what is the problem?

Why does the world feel that it is okay to judge things that doesn't affect them? If someone wants to have does that hurt you? If someone chooses to worship differently than you...why do you assume they are wrong? If someone loves someone of the same does that affect your life? If someone wants to breastfeed their baby in are you caused a hardship? Plain and aren't. You, and you alone, are choosing to let someone else's decisions bother you. Why should someone else's happiness...make you unhappy?


Life. Is. Hard.

We can't control all the horrible things that life throws at us. One day, that person that you judge will be gone. There won't be a chance to apologize and you could realize too late, that being critical was a waste of precious time. Isn't it important that we all support each other, while we can?

You don't have to approve of some one's life. You don't have to even understand.

Acceptance and respect go a long way. <3


Melessa said...

This is probably the best blog entry I will read for the rest of this month! (If not this year.) Well said!!

Mike and Jen said...

Perfect! Yet another incredible entry from you!

Jaquie said...

This was a perfect read for the way I am feeling! Well put!

Lacey Sue said...

I feel the love here (a little shout out to Lacey in your blog...that's right people I WILL continue to nurse in public hehehe). I needed this very moment in time when I am struggling and hurting...I needed this. I love you. Thank you.