Wednesday, February 23, 2011

HATE Is So Useless

I'm prepared for the fact that I may piss people off with this post. I'm really not intending to and I sincerely am trying to get my point across, while having the utmost respect for both sides of this situation.

With that...let's dive in, shall we?

I came across an old discussion board online titled "Mormon Church and Gays". It was very short, with only nine, mostly heated posts, long. I would have happily posted my response there, but because most of the posts were over three months old, I assume it would have gone unread. So...I come here. My trusty venting outlet.

The board might as well have been titled "Oil and Water". That's about how well the participants meshed, regarding the subject. One part, of a particular post, really had me upset, however. The writer says:

"Honestly, I really do not care either way what your sexuality is. My only problem is that I have not met a discreet gay person. There's no reason to shove your personal business in anyone's face and demand that the world agree with you. I feel that it should be a personal choice you keep to yourself, and be happy in whatever your life is."

My first thought when I read this was, "Really? You've never met a "discreet" gay person? Huh. Maybe...just maybe... that's because they are living "discreetly", as you so asininely put it. Maybe they are choosing to hide their lifestyle choice, because they are scared of the torment, anguish, ridicule and judgement. Ever think of that?"

The second thing that turned my head was, "I feel that it should be a personal choice you keep to yourself..." Wow. I wasn't aware that a family unit was something that should be kept under lock and key. So, should gay people hide their family pictures at work? Should they make their partner duck down in the car, when driving through the neighborhood? I think that perhaps the brand of tampons I use, more correctly belongs under the category of "personal choices I keep to myself."

Now, back to this "never met a discreet gay person" thing. What if someone turned that around? What if someone said, "My only problem is that I have not met a tolerant Mormon." How does that feel? It probably doesn't feel good, does it? I know it wouldn't make me proud to raise my hand and declare myself LDS.  

Sadly, I think that may actually be the perception out there. Not because every LDS person is intolerant... in fact, I think it's very much the opposite. However, it always seems that the people with the most hurtful, judgemental things to say...speak the loudest and the most often.

Shame on them....and shame on the people who don't speak up. It is not necessary to always agree or understand some one's lifestyle choice, but there is no need to berate them for it, either. Hate and intolerance are so useless. I feel like I've really been driving this theme home lately, but I've seen so much of it recently, that I feel prompted to speak out.

Otherwise...if I don't...shame on ME.


Aceneth Warner said...

I couldn't say any better...AMEN!

McKell Anderson said...

Great post Leeann. As always, very well written and of good quality. I agree very much with you.

shyfexy said...

Well said!!! Another argument I hear is that "gays threaten the traditional family unit." how in the world does someone elses lifestyle choice physically threaten anyone?!? Seriously?!?

Lacey Sue said...

I have had the personal privilege and honor of having many gay friends. Do we live similar lives? not really. Does it matter? No. I love them, for WHO they are. The way GOD sees them. Do I believe as they believe...not always. But the beauty of being human is...we are ALL different. We learn to agree to disagree and love one another regardless. No hiding, no shame, just love. God loves us all, shouldn't we follow in His example.

Annie said...

well said leeann. if people put the amount of time and energy into loving and serving rather than hating and judging, things would be a lot different in our world!