Friday, January 14, 2011

I've Discovered the Secret to Happiness

Have you ever been happy?

I don't mean fake happy, where you plaster a smile on your face and pretend to the world that everything in your life is perfect. However, in reality you're hiding in the bottom of your closet, eating a bag of Hershey Kisses and crying.

I don't mean robotic happy, where you are smiling, cause that's what you've always done, but deep down you can't really think of anything to be happy about.

I don't mean just happy...

I mean HAPPY. Content. Peaceful, if you will. True happiness that exudes from every move you make and every word you say. Happiness that makes you feel complete and whole. Happiness that radiates off of you and makes people wonder what your secret is.

Because, I am that HAPPY. :)

You want to know my secret, huh? You want to know what little pills I'm swallowing several times a day, to cause it? You want to know where I'm stashing my lottery winnings? You want to know how I haven't gotten caught tying up and duct taping the children? ;)

None of those, are the keys to happiness. (Though, I dunno...after today, the duct tape doesn't sound like a bad idea...)

You really want to know?

C'mere. I'll whisper it to you.


What? Yeah...I didn't stutter. Stop living your life for other people. Does that mean that I no longer take care of my family or volunteer my time or give help where it is needed? Of course not. That's not what I mean, at all.

Stop making choices in your life, based on what other people want you to do. Stop worrying so much about what other people think. Stop living your life in such a way that pleases everyone...except you. Stop doing "what's expected", if that doesn't follow the path you want for yourself. Stop trying to please everyone else, but overlooking what you need, to feel complete.

Sounds a little selfish...BUT IT'S NOT! It's the best thing you can do for everyone around you! Why do you think that you are counseled on an airplane to affix your own oxygen mask, before anyone else's? Because you are no help to anyone around you, if you aren't at your best. It's amazing what you can accomplish for other people and the world around you, when you feel right and centered within yourself, first.

I have never, in my life, been this HAPPY. My marriage is wonderful...better than it's ever been. I'm actually appreciating my body and the miraculous things it has been through and learning to love the flaws...though I have been working hard to fix a few. My kids still make me crazy, but I've had more patience with them lately. I'm still working full-time and going to school, but my schedule seems to be flowing better.

Is all of that coincidence? You think the Universe just randomly decided to throw me a bone and line up my life for me? Nope. I started living to make myself HAPPY and it allowed the rest of my life to fall into place.

However, if all else fails...there's always Hershey Kisses and duct tape...


Melessa said...

Good for you! I loved reading this!

Whitney said...

Thank you for posting this. It gives me courage to do something I've been thinkikng about doing for a long time, but I haven't because I've been worried about what people will think about it, so I think I will do it!!!!

McKell Anderson said...


Coby said...

love you... but DUH! Glad to hear though ;)