Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas January

This weekend, I was sorting through the pile of papers on my counter, separating out bills (boo!), information to file our taxes (eh...) and all the wonderful Christmas cards that I got this year (yay!). 

I came across an unopened envelope, addressed to Josh and I, mixed in with the chaos. Somehow it made it into the "needs to be filed" pile, without me opening it, when I got it. Inside, was this beautiful card:
Front of the card

Inside of the card

There was no return address. There was no signature. There was no explanation.

However, there was money.

This has happened to us, before. We don't know who does it. Or why. It always touches us greatly and we are so thankful that someone would think of our family, during the Christmas season. I wish I knew who it was, so that I could express how thankful I am, to them. However for reasons unknown to me...they wish to remain anonymous. I can only hope that they read this and know how much we love them.

Like we have done in years past, we are choosing to "pay it forward". We will take half of the money and give it to another family, who we feel  may be able to use it. Someone has given us this unexpected gift and it only feels right, that we share it.

So, Christmas Stranger, I pray that you read this and you are blessed for your generosity and beautiful heart. I don't know who you are, or what we have done to deserve your love, but we are eternally grateful.


getting Fit said...

WOW that is truly amazing and HOW GREAT : ) what a sweet thing too by paying it forward CHEERS!

Whitney said...

Wow... what a great feeling to know you have someone thinking about the well-being of your family!