Thursday, January 20, 2011

...But, I Know I'll Make It Through...

Dear Mom,

We're going to pick up Cody from the airport in a few hours! It's going to be amazing to see him, after all this time. So much has changed in two years and I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. The few times that I have been able to talk to him, I'm able to tell what a wonderful man he has become. I know you would be so proud.

I can't wait for him to see the kids. They have changed so much and have grown up a lot. I know they will be a little shy, at first, but they will quickly warm up to him and talk his ear off. This morning they were so excited to be able to show him how long their hair has gotten and how tall they are. He is going to be amazed at the fabulous little people they have turned in to.

I'm so sad for him and us...and you...that you won't be there today, Mom. It's a Missionary Mom's greatest honor, to welcome her child home, after serving their mission. You should be there today, with open arms, a huge smile and happy tears streaming down your face. I can see Cody running to you, barreling you over and you shrieking...all the while laughing at yourself, for crying.

I hate, that once again, cancer has robbed our family of another memory. Another moment in time...ruined. I love you, Mom. I'll be hugging him extra hard for you, today...tomorrow...and always.

Love, Me


Annie said...

oh she'll be there leeann! congrats to him and to your family. i'm glad you're back:)

Whitney said...

That is so sad that she passed while he was in the mission field. No real time to say goodbye. Enjoy your moment and I know she is always with you guys.