Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Not Older...I'm Wiser

It seems appropriate that my 900th post on this blog, be in celebration of my 29th birthday.

 I'm still a "spring chicken", as my Pepe likes to say, but I've learned a lot, during this *gasp!* almost 3 decades.

We all take our our roads to happiness. We find our own way to success and fulfillment. I can't copy someone else's path and expect the same outcome as them. Here are just a "few" things I've learned, making my own way in this world, during this last year.

* Letting go of things is healthy, but do it on your own terms and timeline. * Broken hearts will heal, but there will always be a scar. * I'm a lot stronger, physically and mentally, than I think I am. * Procrastination can be a good strategy. * Friendship can be found in unexpected places. * Discipline is not the same for every child. * Trust. Your. Instincts. * Learning to love yourself is a life long process. * The pain of losing someone never really goes away. * Laughter really is the best medicine. * Set your goals high. You never know who is watching you soar. * Trust others. * Ask for help when you need it. * Sometimes you have to let people go, even though you can't imagine living without them. * Making time for yourself is important. * Making time for your marriage is important, too. * Smiling makes you prettier. * People will talk. Let them. * There's nothing better for your psyche than a really good hug. * Praise gets your point across faster than ridicule. * Some people will always disappoint you. Love them anyway. * Tickling can be more effective than yelling. * Try new things. * Giving 100% in all areas of your life, isn't always necessary. Discover your priorities. No one will die because there are dirty dishes in the sink. * Take the time to play. * Don't let other people change you, unless you really want to change. * Open communication is so important. * Patience and perseverance are necessary to get you where you want to go.

Happy birthday, to myself. I'm not where I want to be yet...but I'm getting closer every day.


Angela Perkinson said...

Happy birthday, darling.

Lacey Sue said...

Happy Birthday my tender sweet friend!