Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yes, I'm Already Saving For His Therapy

He's a boy...with four sisters. It was inevitable that eventually they would dress him up, like a girl.

I was working and all of a sudden I look up and my son is walking toward me, in a skirt. He stops in front of me and in a very girly, high-pitched voice, he says, "Hi, I'm Serena!"

His sisters burst into a fit of giggles behind him. I couldn't help, but join them.

Forgive me, Luke. One day, you are going to hate me for posting these. But, until then...thanks for the laughs.


Lacey Sue said...

I showed Braden (yes, forgive me Luke) and he looked really, really worried for a minute, then said, "Mom, is Luke still a boy?" I said "Oh yeah, he's just dressing up!" he looked relieved and said "Well, good!" Poor Luke!

Amanda said...

How cute! lol. There are also 4 girls in my family (my sisters and I). Luckily my brother was the oldest so he didn't have to get tortured. You have an adorable family and I enjoy reading your posts :)

Mike and Jen said...

haha that is awesome! he would make a cute girl!;)
i have a picture somewhere of when my sister and i, and our (ex)step sisters dressed up nick.. he had make up, and a tutu and everything! lol!

Whitney said...

He makes such a cute 5th girl for your family! ;) My brother knows exactly how it feels so if Luke wants his number, let me know! :)