Monday, July 12, 2010

Mom And Dad Have Left The Building

One of the weekends in June, Josh and I were able to get away for two whole nights. Crazy, isn't it? We have never, (since becoming parents eight years, 11 months and 21 days ago), gone away, by ourselves, for two consecutive nights.

We didn't go far...just an hour and a half away, but we didn't care. One thing that we love to do, is visit decorated model homes, or do the Parade of Homes. We haven't done the Parade of Homes, in years, because bringing kids through other people's million dollar houses just doesn't seem like a good idea. ;)

This was an AMAZING home that we saw. I can't even describe the crazy things that were in this home. It was gigantic and impressive...but it didn't feel like a home. It felt like an art exhibit. exhibit, or not, this pool was in the basement of the home. Oh. My. Goodness. I would LOVE to have something like this. Wowza.

We also saw homes that were more in more of a price range that we hope to be in one day. So, I took pictures of some of the features that I absolutely loved, so that I could remember what I would like to incorporate into the dream home that we'll build when I'm done with school.
This pictures shows one of the home's walk in pantry. One of the architects that was there cracked up at my reaction, because as soon as I saw it, I exclaimed, "Oh. Wow. Me and my label maker could have so much fun in here!" Look at all the space!
I loved this decorating idea. The shelf on top of the wainscoting, paired with the hooks, is such a cute idea!
What a perfect master shower! Huge, a bench and with water on both sides! No one gets cold! ;)
This is in one of the home's mud room. I love the idea of having a "locker" for their coats, book bags, shoes, ect. The only thing I would change, is that in another home, they had something similar, but for the handle on each locker, they had a knob with the first initial of each family member. I thought that was such a cute idea!
I, again, made a decorator in the home laugh, when I saw this laundry room and exclaimed, "This was definitely designed by a woman!" I love the counter space, the storage space and the spots built-in to hold the laundry baskets. One day, I will own a home with a laundry room worthy of my enormous family. The only thing I would change is removing the cabinets above the washer and dryer and stacking a second set on them. :)
I'm not a huge fan of white cabinets (fingerprints!), but I adored this kitchen. It is smaller than I would ever like to have, but since it was in a condo, it made perfect sense. I loved the lighting fixtures, the two level counter top island and the tiny tiles on the back splash.
Most importantly, we had time just be us. We weren't Mommy and Daddy. We were a husband and wife, enjoying every moment we had. It was so wonderful to have time together, without any other distractions. We realized that we need to do this more often.

I love you, Josh. Thank you, for a great few days. It was wonderful falling in love, all over again.


Lacey Sue said...

:) You guys crack me up- I DO love that pool and pantry though...oh heavens...I may need to call my father-in-law for a few home updates ;)!

common mom said...

So glad you had a great time! We've got a "dream house" book of the things we've taken away from model home tours . . . some day . . .

Hubby and I will be having some "us" time in August . . . in New York (my first time) - I. Can't. Wait!

Mike and Jen said...

im glad you guys got some you time! and i think i would cry if i ever saw some of those homes haha they are so beautiful!