Friday, July 16, 2010

A Mini-Vacation

I have a friend, Christy, who lives out of state. Every year, her family comes to Utah to participate in the Hot Air Balloon Festival. She was so kind as to invite us this year, to hang out with her family and get to see things up close. Sadly, the wind didn't allow the pilots to lift off, while we were there, but we did get to see these balloons up close!

We traveled to Provo and stayed the night in the same hotel, so that the kids could enjoy an evening of swimming and relaxing, before we woke them up at 5:00 am, to get ready. Christy has two adorable kids and all the children got along really well. It was a lot of fun and we plan to make it a part of our 4th of July traditions!

Christy and I
Avery, Ryleigh and Bailey waiting in the trailer.
Christy, Ella, Presley and I (poor Peanut was tired!)
Christy and Ella
It was so nice to get away from the house for a night and have some family time. Christy's family was amazing and we can't wait to see them next year. Perhaps next time we'll even get to see the balloons take off! :)

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