Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Twins of Terror

The school year has ended for my little twins of terror. Somehow, their teacher survived an entire year of them being in school, together.

I was so nervous at the beginning of the school year. I warned Mrs. Becky for an entire year, prior to this one, that it was going to be hard, having both of them together. She shrugged it off and told me not to worry. But...I did. All. Year. Long.

Surprisingly, there were few incidences and both kids got along just fine. They have grown and changed so much, over this past year. It's hard to believe that next year Avery will be off to kindergarten and Luke will finish his last year in preschool. I don't know where the time has gone!

It's amazing to me...and makes me incredibly sad, to realize that my little "twins" can change so much in just one school year. This picture is from their first day of school, in September '09:
And then this picture is from their last day of school in May '10:

They are still the best of friends and regardless of different schools, or years passing by...I don't see that ever changing.


Lacey Sue said...

That is beyond tender, life is greater when shared with a sibling you can trust and love!

Andrea said...

wow -- do they ever look more grown up at the end of the year. CRAZY!!

glad they have each other...so sweet!

Robbie and Mindy said...

I think I will start calling mine "twins of terror" because they might as well be "twins" and "terror" fits them perfectly.