Friday, June 4, 2010

Praying For Moms Everywhere

Today. Is. The. Last. Day. Of. School.

Did you say a little prayer for me? I surely hope so, because for the next 79 days, I will have five children home. All. Day. Long.

Last summer, I tried a "daily schedule". It went over well, for about three days. :)

We have a lot of fun things planned for this summer. Swimming lessons. Camping trips. Possibly a trip to Texas. We also have family passes to Thanksgiving Point (Ancient Life Museum, Farm Country, Children's Discovery Garden) and the zoo. We can go as many times as we want and we'll be using them a ton!

I also have a lot of things planned for myself. Hiding in the closet. Laying down on the van floor, so they can't find me. Slipping Benedryl into strawberry smoothies. Art projects involving duct tape and rope...

Okay, okay, I'm kidding. What fun things does your family have planned to keep busy (and sane!) this summer?


Lacey Sue said...

gymnastics, swimming lessons, read-a-thons with cousins, and a lot of naps..oh wait..that's just for me :)!

Andrea said...

Our summer holidays don't start until the very end of June...but we don't have a lot of plans. Luckly we live on the best street with lots of kids the same ages as our girls, so there will be many a play-date -- accompanied by many a mom's visit in the meantime!

Rachel said...

Texas??? Take me with you? :)

common mom said...

When Hubby is gone flying, the kiddos will be at day camps (baseball, swimming, gymnastics, field trips, zoo, etc.) . . . not sure when I'll have to work. When Hubby is home, the kiddos are home - the hiking and biking and camping oh my! There are 12 kids in our cul de sac . . . all kinds of fun, and tons of popcicles to be had. Throw in some baseball and a 2 week long mini-family reunion in WI and it's time for school to start again :-)