Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryleigh Roo!

Eleven years ago, today, I was graduating high school. The world was my oyster. ;) Who knew that exactly four years later, I would be giving birth to my second daughter?

I don't know where the years have gone, but look at my life, it's obvious that they went to something amazing!

Ryleigh Roo is such an amazing, little seven year old. She is the kindest and most nurturing person, I know. She is thoughtful beyond her years and and so incredibly smart. Ry never struggles with anything. She fascinates me, with her ability to grasp new concepts. She's always been ahead of her peers and it makes me so proud.

We always say that one day, (please let it be a good 18 years from now!), this little girl is going to become the most fantastic mother. She is so helpful and always willing to entertain her younger siblings. She could do anything in this world, and I can't wait to see who she becomes.

Happy 7th birthday, my sweet girl. Mommy and Daddy love you, more than we could ever explain!


Lacey Sue said...

Ah, Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!!!!

Whitney said...

Such a cute, special girl!!! Happy birthday, Ryleigh!

Andrea said...

I can never get over how beautiful she is!! Love that birthday post.

Happy Birthday Ryleigh Roo! (love that nick-name!)

Pam said...

Happy Birthday to your precious girl!!