Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Funny Things I Find

I live in a house, where the average age is about 11.5 years old. Needless to say, I find some strange things, all over my house. You know...the things that make you stop and think, "Why in the hell is that here?".

So, today, while I cleaned, I kept a list of the odd things I found, placed throughout my home. Enjoy!

-On top of the entertainment center: the reflector light that has been missing from an interior light, for the mini-van

THAT'S where that is! We've been looking for that!

-Main floor bathroom sink: half eaten strawberry

Really? The garbage was two feet away!

-In the fridge: a pen

So that the grocery list is even easier to make?

-In the freezer: a toy car, bag of water (now ice) with a raspberry in mid-float, an empty plate

Huh. Wonder what the boy's plans were with this stuff?

-Decorative buckets in the family room: golf tees, moisturizer, dice and dental floss

Something about this one screams, "JOSH!"

-In the baby toys: a tire gauge

I have no ideas about this one.

-In my bathroom: 2 bowls, craft paint, TV remote (for the TV that is two floors down), 2 markers and pathophysiology book

Apparently my bathroom is a "catch-all"?

- Under my bed: 3 missing shoes (none of them mine or Josh's), a sponge, 2 water bottles, 4 legos, 4 pencils, 6 pens, various broken crayons, a baby (doll...not Presley) and a couch pillow

Seriously? The kids aren't even supposed to be in my room...yet it looks like under my bed is their nesting place...

-Front room: 5 kid's earrings, a bowl of mini-marshmallows, 2 pieces of window moulding leftover from Bay's room and 2 Scrabble pieces

Scrabble...the game that is upstairs, in my locked office...I tell ya, my kids are Houdini!


Lacey Sue said...

Holy smokes- now come over and do my house...do mine!!!!!!
I bet you'll find some PRETTY interesting things in my room :)! hehehehehe

Bonnie said...

I am cracking up!! Now I want to write mine down tomorrow. It's not funny on a day to day basis, but thanks to you, now it will be. Hahahaha!

Andrea said...

Hee hee...that made me laugh!!