Friday, May 21, 2010

It's The Little Things

Life isn't a fairy tale. I'm not going to wake up to the perfect day, every single day of my life. I don't even know that I would want that...if given the choice. What good is a life, without a little excitement now and then? :)

Being aware of that, means that I know that I have to find my own "perfection" in the little things. I try to be aware of those tiny moments, when things go just right. Those tiny moments that are fleeting and soon forgotten, but make me smile, just the same.

*Watching Pres run to Ryleigh with a book. Ry doesn't even think twice, as she scoops her on her lap and reads her a story.

*Hearing someone yell from across the house, "Woah!!! Wanna see my booger?!" Now...I know this isn't perfection and it's always met with, "Hey! Get a tissue and knock it off!!"...but, it makes me giggle just the same. I just don't let them know that. ;)

*Sitting down at the table for dinner and realizing that it's the first time in weeks that we've all sat down, at the same time.

*Hearing the kids ask for more broccoli.

*When Presley runs to me, with her little lips puckered for a kiss. Then, she runs away, pausing after a few feet, turns, waves and says, "Buh-bye!".

*Getting a completely random text from a friend, when it is totally needed.

*When Josh does something without being asked. Especially if it's something I didn't think he'd do.

*Noticing that the kids are all missing and quiet. Some slight searching finds them all huddled in a "fort" downstairs, playing nicely.

*Getting out the door on time. It can be a challenge with seven people.

*Knowing that every single day...Every. Single. Day... I am going to laugh. My life is not slow. It is not boring. It is funny.

Nope. It's not a fairy tale...but it's MY story.
And so far? I like the plot.
And the crazy characters staring in it.

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