Monday, May 10, 2010

Busy, Busy Month

We have been so busy these last few weeks. It seems like we are constantly on the move! Of course...we wouldn't have it any other way! :)

We had "Family Fun Day" and went to Thanksgiving Point. We attended the "Baby Animal Birthday Party", went on a carriage ride, went bowling and went to dinner. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast! I love spending the day with these little people!

"Firefighter Day" with the preschool is one of my all time favorite things. The kids have such a blast meeting the firemen, playing with the hose and dressing up in uniform. I will really miss this, when I no longer have kids in preschool. I might just show up for fun, anyway!
The kids watched the fireman get dressed and were still nervous to touch him, once he was suited up. Leave it to Avery to walk up to him and go, "POKE!". :)
Even though Pres isn't quite preschool aged, she still came along for the fun. She has a wee bit of growing to do, before she can even begin to fill these boots!
The kids took turns dressing up in the gear. It was hilarious, because just about every kid ended up falling over from the shear weight of it all!
Luke loved playing with the fire hose. Big shocker, since he's constantly out in the yard playing with our hose!
One Saturday this month, I got to baby-sit a friend's baby for the afternoon. Brayden is such an adorable kid! He's so easy going and Pres had a lot of fun playing with him. He's 8 months old and Presley is 15 months old, but they were pretty similar in size. :)
Ryleigh was so excited to do the First Grade Circus, this year. The circus is a big deal, in our little town and the show did not disappoint! I love seeing all the kids dance, sing and do tricks. They are always so proud to show off all their hard work.
Ryleigh was a ballerina (all the girls are ballerinas and all the boys are clowns) and she also performed in a cheerleading routine. This little girl is growing up before my very eyes...
Daddy and his girl
Mommy's sweetheart
My little cheerleader

Life never stops around here...that's for sure! :)

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