Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sweet Child O' Mine

Two years ago today, was one of the worst days in my life. I'll never forget the range of emotions I went through. From the happiest the saddest sad. From crying tears of crying tears of heartache. From planning a planning a surgery.

One day, my precious Little One,
You’ll take me by the hand.
I hope that you will hold me close
and help me understand.
You’ll explain why I was chosen,
To miss out on your birth.
Why I was picked to be your Mom,
But never here on Earth.

One day, my cherished Little One,
I’ll take you by the hand.
I promise I will hold you close,
And help you understand.
That you were very wanted here;
I looked forward to your birth.
Yes, you are my chosen child,
But too special for this Earth.
-Leeann Garrard 2008-


Lacey Sue said...

Through such sadness we learn some of the greatest joys. Being a mother is pure joy, and God gave you the chance to see how amazing even the tiniest of tiny little ones is a treasure- even when we don't get to hold them on earth. I love ya.

Melessa said...

(((Hugs))) And while it sounds just as inadequate as it did two years ago, I'm so sorry.

Amy said...

Beautiful words