Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Put Me In My Place

I have a friend.

I have a friend that puts me in my place...and she doesn't even know it.

My days are chaotic. I love my kids, but they make me crazy. From the moment they get up (sometimes at 4 in the morning...), until the time that they go to bed (2 hours after I sent them there, the first time...), them make me nuts.

The fighting. The yelling. The whining. The mess making. The half eaten yogurt containers on the table. The spilled milk on the kitchen floor. The tents made out of blankets, that never get put away. The missing shoes. The back talk. The Barbie toys in the vacuum. The temper tantrums. The "Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. MOM!!!". The bikes all over the yard (and up the street). The lost game pieces. The forgotten chores. The toys on the stairs. The crying for no reason. The boogers wiped on the couch (someone is doing it!). The "She hit me!". The dirty hand prints on the walls, going upstairs. The toys left in my tub. The missing last cheese stick. The seven outfits a day.

They. Can. Make. Me. Nuts.

Then I think of my friend. My friend, who has no kids of her own...but desperately wants them. My friend, who would love the chance to experience all the things that make me crazy. My friend, who would give anything to have the life...that I sometimes take for granted. My friend, who deserves to experience it all.

The baby kisses. The smiles. The hugs. The laughs. The notes slipped under my bedroom door. The "I love Mommy" pictures hanging on my fridge. The belly laughs. The joy of seeing them help each other. The girly giggles. The first time they read a word. The cuddles. The "secrets" whispered in my ear. The knock-knock jokes that don't make sense. The "Mommy, I love you", said for no reason. The questions they ask, that make you realize how smart they are. The crazy outfits 4 year olds come up with. The popcorn fights. The pillow fights. The first time they ride a two wheeler. The first 100 on a spelling test. The "flowers" (weeds), clutched in dirty hands, offered as a present. The bedtime snuggles.

Yup. My friend puts me in my place.

What a wonderful, beautiful, imperfect place, it is.

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Lacey Sue said...

I have a friend/sister that does the same thing to me. I love her equally for it. It puts your life into perspective and teaches you that when you've asked for such a tremendous gift- and have been GIVEN that gift- you shouldn't complain about it cause there is always someone out there who would GLADLY have it.