Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pre-Easter Fun

Today was our town's Easter egg hunt. We did it last year and this year was just as fun. I adore living in a small town, for reasons such as this. They plan it so well and it is always so much fun.
It kind of broke my heart when Bay said, "Mom? Grandma would have been here with us today, huh?" Yeah, baby, she would have been.Bay was in the 7-9 category. She kept saying that some of the kids looked too big. Well, darling, Mommy thinks you are beginning to look too big...
Ry and Avery were in the same age category. These two are becoming so close.
Luke is my little clown. He was in the same age category as Pres and was very careful with the younger kids. He made sure to be gentle and made sure Pres got some treats (after getting himself a lollipop the size of his head, that is...) Silly Presley! She got a couple eggs, but once she saw the loose candy she was content to sit and eat it. Wrapper and all. ;)
Creepy Easter LOL

I always love being a Mommy...(okay...most of the time)...but it's days like today that I really appreciate. Seeing my children laugh and run and smile...that's priceless.

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